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Help Me Relocate!

Buying: Dreaming of warm sunny days, powder soft sandy beaches next to turquoise waters? Like the idea of no sales tax? Disneyworld? Swimming pools? Is the time right to bring your stay-at-home job to Florida? Ready to retire? These are just some of the many reasons the people are flocking to Florida everyday.

I have relocated twice myself and can give you my firsthand knowledge of researching areas, buying sight unseen, moving pets, moving companies and more.

Selling: Is the perfect job in another state? Are you missing your family and moving to be closer to them? Miss the snow? Is fall your thing? Time to cut down your own Christmas tree again? Sometimes life says it’s time to make a move. If you are ready to leave Florida behind for greener pastures, I will handle everything.

Relocation is a stressful event. I am skilled at helping you navigate it whether you are coming or going from the great state of Florida. Please reach out today so we can start taking some of the burden off you.

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      Sarah O'Reilly
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