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What’s My Home Worth

Is the perfect job in another state? Are you missing your family and moving to be closer to them? Miss the snow? Is fall your thing? Time to cut down your own Christmas tree again? Sometimes life says it’s time to make a move. If you are ready to leave Florida behind for greener pastures, you can rely on me to handle everything.

A helpful way to get a general idea of your home’s current value is using this feature. It’s a starting point, but algorithms cannot replace a seasoned professional.

Having a Realtor assess your value would be your next step. I will come to your home and have you show me the good, bad and the ugly. I will note what can easily be changed to increase buyer demand and the more in-depth steps that can be taken to assist in the home’s visual quality and life span. Your home needs to shine to get top dollar and I am an expert in what that will take.

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    Sarah O'Reilly
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